central coast live looping music

Above is the LIVE recording machine I use to produce the "Looping Experience." ( There are many different devices available to use. )

Some things are easy to explain and some things are not easy to explain. Looping falls in the latter of the two. I'll try to sum it up in words under the video, but you may just want to watch me in action to get the full understanding.


A Looping Artist enters the stage with the goal to create a complete song directly in front of an audience. I'll lay out how "build a song" below. Of course there are hundreds of ways to build a song, but here is a basic approach that I use.

Remember, when a Looping Artist is playing each of the steps below, these components are being Recorded Live in front of the audience. So after I record #1, you will still hear #1 when i begin to record #2, and you will then hear #1 and #2, when I record #3, and so on. I can bring sounds in and out of the mix. Anyhow, here is the basic breakdown below:

  1. BeatBox a creative beat to back the rest of the song
  2. Play a bass line ( Bass is the guitar that sounds super deep )
  3. Play a rhythm guitar part
  4. Sing some backups
  5. Start singing the lead part
  6. Play guitar parts over everything above. ( I may or may not record these lead guitar parts )