A wedding is a special day. Make your wedding extra special by having a Live Guitarist play the Bride, Groom, and wedding party up and down the isle. While preparing for a wedding there are so very many details. The focus is on food, drink, cake and the reception. However, adding a Live guitarist while your friends and family arrive really spices up the overall feeling. People feel live music, rather than just listening. Of course the focus is on the bride, but a Live Guitarist actually helps bring more attention to the Bride and wedding party.

Live music makes the moment feel, well, more organic. Noah David is happy to play your wedding. While your guests arrive, Noah David will play music that "sounds nice" and forms an environment of tranquility and peace. When it is time for the wedding party to walk down the isle, Noah David will play nice tranquil sounds. However, when the bride reaches the isle, The Bridal Chorus/Here Comes the Bride will be played. While the Bride and Groom exit the wedding, Noah David will play them down the isle.