noah david musician

My Approach

I like to look at my listeners and engage them. Smiles, singing along, and dancing are what I like to see best. Great people all throughout the Central Coast. Locals are fun as well as the tourists that come through on their adventure.

Noah has been commissioned on many works over the course of his musical career.

Some of those works include a complete movie soundtrack for the movie Hell to Pay, featuring James Drury. See here

Other works include lending his hand to backing tracks for Pauly Shore is Dead Behind the Scenes

Backing music for Randy Jacksons Hit List ( One of my favorite sweepers I created for this, Randy himself said “That’s a very good bass line”)

Noah has extensive experience working on radio commercials for local companies and larger companies. With over five years of full time work experience Noah tasted most every style of music in the commercial business.

Although Noah enjoyed many ventures, he would consider the peak of his career to be the work he completed for the City of Los Angeles Bus and Trains campaign “Go Metro” ( This campaign ran for a number of years continuously! )

Jack FM music editor:

Editing 30 second and 60 second spots for the “Voice of Jack FM” Jack! This was a fun period for Noah. Jack FM is known for their goofy radio spots, jokes, and most of all not having a LIVE DJ. Even though Jack states “We don’t take requests” people seem to believe the voice of “Jack,” which is recorded earlier and edited by people like me, the listeners still attempt to call in to request songs. You can check 93.1 Jack FM out here.

Noah has also been part of many band projects throughout his life and has enjoyed every minute. To the future!